Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hosting a Journalist from Bangladesh

On the last day of her 12-day visit to Norman, Ms. Saifunnahar Sumi ("Sumi") was very emotional. "I fell in love with the campus, and with you the people. I was blessed to be given the OU WaTER Center as my host." Sumi is a Chief Executive Officer of Data Green, a communication-based firm focused on green (environmental) issues in the country of Bangladesh.  This is her own company, founded to make a real difference in her country and in the world beyond. She is a model of women entrepreneurship, and to see her enthusiasm and her passion is to understand why she was selected as a recipient of this highly-competitive State Department Exchange Program. Her desire is to gather knowledge and build her network across the world so that she could establish her company successfully.
Sumi stands next to the replica of the OU International Water Prize, given biennially to a person who has made a global difference in bringing water and/or sanitation to peoples in need.

Her days in Norman were filled with meetings and tours of various sites of interest, including the National Weather Center and the water and wastewater treatment plants at Norman. She was especially interested in the type and level of treatment that wastewater undergoes before it is released into the Canadian River.

Sumi shares a meal with Mrs. Frances Sabatini (wife of Dr. David A. Sabatini) and Norman water treatment manager.
Sumi completed her undergraduate education (BSS) and Master’s degree (MSS) in the field of "Mass Communication and Journalism" from a public university in Bangladesh. She has been practicing journalism over the past 7 years, working as a full-time reporter for The Daily Observer (Dhaka, Bangladesh). Sumi is also completing a Masters degree in Disaster Management. (Where does she find the time to do all of this?) We were pleased to host Ms. Saifunnahar Sumi and look forward to hearing more about the difference she is making in her country and beyond.

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