Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hong publishes book on radar hydrology

Dr. Yang Hong has co-authored a new book under CRC Press. The book is entitled Radar Hydrology: Principles, Models, and Applications, and is intended as a comprehensive reference book for this emerging field combining the principles of radar technologies with water resource applications.

Dr. Hong's new book was published by CRC Press, December 2014.

The book begins by describing basic hydrological principles and introduces the concepts of radar technologies. It then moves into hydrologic models, methods for depth-duration curves and flash flood guidance, and prediction systems design. Case studies are given to provide the reader with real-world applications of this important tool. The book guides readers to understand real prediction systems and gives them the knowledge to design their own systems.

Dr. Yang Hong (second from right) is the WaTER Center Co-Director for Research. He is pictured here with the other Center Directors and the 2015 International Water Prize winner, Mr. Peter Lochery of CARE.
Yang Hong is a professor of hydrometeorology and remote sensing in the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, adjunct faculty member with the School of Meteorology, co-director of the WaTER Center, faculty member with the Advanced Radar Research Center, and affiliated member of the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Hong also directs the HyDROS Lab at the National Weather Center. The new book was co-authored wth Jonathan Gourley of the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma, and is available at www.crcpress.com.

Hosting a Journalist from Bangladesh

On the last day of her 12-day visit to Norman, Ms. Saifunnahar Sumi ("Sumi") was very emotional. "I fell in love with the campus, and with you the people. I was blessed to be given the OU WaTER Center as my host." Sumi is a Chief Executive Officer of Data Green, a communication-based firm focused on green (environmental) issues in the country of Bangladesh.  This is her own company, founded to make a real difference in her country and in the world beyond. She is a model of women entrepreneurship, and to see her enthusiasm and her passion is to understand why she was selected as a recipient of this highly-competitive State Department Exchange Program. Her desire is to gather knowledge and build her network across the world so that she could establish her company successfully.
Sumi stands next to the replica of the OU International Water Prize, given biennially to a person who has made a global difference in bringing water and/or sanitation to peoples in need.

Her days in Norman were filled with meetings and tours of various sites of interest, including the National Weather Center and the water and wastewater treatment plants at Norman. She was especially interested in the type and level of treatment that wastewater undergoes before it is released into the Canadian River.

Sumi shares a meal with Mrs. Frances Sabatini (wife of Dr. David A. Sabatini) and Norman water treatment manager.
Sumi completed her undergraduate education (BSS) and Master’s degree (MSS) in the field of "Mass Communication and Journalism" from a public university in Bangladesh. She has been practicing journalism over the past 7 years, working as a full-time reporter for The Daily Observer (Dhaka, Bangladesh). Sumi is also completing a Masters degree in Disaster Management. (Where does she find the time to do all of this?) We were pleased to host Ms. Saifunnahar Sumi and look forward to hearing more about the difference she is making in her country and beyond.

Friday, November 20, 2015

WaSH Experts Gather at the 2015 OU International WaTER Conference

WaSH representatives from more than 21 countries gathered together in Norman, Oklahoma for the fourth biennial University of Oklahoma International WaTER Conference hosted by the OU WaTER Center.  Nearly 170 people from multiple disciplines were attracted to the conference, held September 21-23, with the common goal of addressing the global water crisis.
Attendees enjoyed two full days of oral and poster presentations at the conference  
The conference theme, “Off the Grid:  Sustainable Water and Sanitation in a Non-Networked World”, included water and sanitation experts from industry, NGOs, governments, foundations and academia.  Oral and poster sessions, which were offered for two full days, addressed an array of water related topics, such as behavior and behavioral change, gender and social equity, social entrepreneurship, climate change effects, capacity building, conservation and reuse technologies, assessment and health interventions, fluoride and arsenic mitigation, technical innovation and design, and much more. 

A record number of international travel scholarship recipients were sponsored for the 2015 conference
Twenty-six (26) international travel scholarships, from twelve developing countries, were sponsored to attend and participate in the conference activities.  Besides a host of social and networking opportunities, the International WaTER Conference offered five significant keynote speeches from leading WaSH professionals, an interactive poster session, an authentic Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, an educational student youth outreach art contest, and a panel discussion on Climate-Water-Energy-Food Nexus.
Climate-Water-Energy-Food Nexus:  Challenges and Opportunities Across Sectors was the theme for the panel discussion

Serving on the panel was Dr. Emmanouil Anagnostou (University of Connecticut), Dr. Yang Hong (University of Oklahoma), Dr. Pawan Labhasetwar (NEERI), Mr. Kenneth Ochoa (Universidad El Bosque), and Dr. Afreen Siddiqi (MIT/Harvard).

Field Methods Workshop attendees try a hands-on-water-well drilling method

In addition to the varied side activities, two post-conference workshops were hosted.  One was a Field Methods workshop featuring hands-on displays of appropriate technologies, such as sustainable pump technology, water-well drilling methods (manual and hydraulic), ecolatrine design, household water treatment systems, and biosand filters.  The second workshop, Social Entrepreneurship, conducted by OU's Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth, featured a valuable hands-on opportunity for participants to work in teams developing a model business plan for a social innovation and entrepreneurship venture.

Peter Lochery delivers his plenary lecture at the WaTER Conference Banquet
Highlighting the conference was a formal banquet on Monday evening.  Attendees heard a plenary lecture given by Peter Lochery, CARE Director of Water.  Prior to his lecture, Peter was presented with the 2015 University of Oklahoma International Water Prize.  Congratulations Peter! 

The fifth biennial OU International WaTER Conference is scheduled to be held Sept. 18-20, 2017.