Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hong publishes book on radar hydrology

Dr. Yang Hong has co-authored a new book under CRC Press. The book is entitled Radar Hydrology: Principles, Models, and Applications, and is intended as a comprehensive reference book for this emerging field combining the principles of radar technologies with water resource applications.

Dr. Hong's new book was published by CRC Press, December 2014.

The book begins by describing basic hydrological principles and introduces the concepts of radar technologies. It then moves into hydrologic models, methods for depth-duration curves and flash flood guidance, and prediction systems design. Case studies are given to provide the reader with real-world applications of this important tool. The book guides readers to understand real prediction systems and gives them the knowledge to design their own systems.

Dr. Yang Hong (second from right) is the WaTER Center Co-Director for Research. He is pictured here with the other Center Directors and the 2015 International Water Prize winner, Mr. Peter Lochery of CARE.
Yang Hong is a professor of hydrometeorology and remote sensing in the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, adjunct faculty member with the School of Meteorology, co-director of the WaTER Center, faculty member with the Advanced Radar Research Center, and affiliated member of the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Hong also directs the HyDROS Lab at the National Weather Center. The new book was co-authored wth Jonathan Gourley of the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma, and is available at www.crcpress.com.

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