Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Keynote Speaker – Top NEERI WaSH Scientist and Water Prize Selection Juror

Pawan Labhasetwar, Ph.D. is the Senior Principle Scientist and Head of the Water Technology and Management Division at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) in Nagpur, India. Working at NEERI since 1989, his experience includes water safety plans, water treatments, greywater treatments and their reuse, environmental sanitation, and environmental impact assessments. He worked with UNICEF from October of 2005 to December of 2007 and has served on the Bureau of Indian Standards as Chair on the Committee for point-of-use water purification systems. 

 He serves as the head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Water and Sanitation and as a member of the Independent Advisory Committee of WHO on the International Scheme to evaluate household water treatment products. Dr Labhasetwar has published more than 400 scientific papers in science journals, scientific reports and national/international conference proceedings.
2013 Conference participants visit with Dr. Labhasetwar

He has co-authored scientific books and is Associate Editor for the International Water Association of journals concerning water science, supply, practice and technology. Dr. Labhasetwar served as a juror on the 2014 Water Prize winner selection panel. A recipient of numerous awards and honours, Dr Labhasetwar holds both bachelors and masters degrees in Engineering from Government Engineering College in Jabalpur, India and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Nagpur University, India.
Dr. Labhasetwar’s will speak at the WaTER Conference of the challenges and opportunities of improved water and sanitation access in rural India.  We look forward to learning of his experience and insight during his keynote address.