Monday, December 15, 2014

Peter Lochery Instrumental in CARE's Global Work

The 2015 OU International Water Prize recipient was recently announced as Peter Lochery, CARE’s Director of Water. CARE is the world’s leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, working in 87 countries around the world to support over 900 development and emergency projects. Along with the commitment to ensuring relief supplies and strengthened infrastructures during emergencies, CARE strives to address large scale structural barriers to overcoming poverty, such as patterns of discrimination and exclusion; corrupt or incompetent public institutions; lack of access to essential public services; conflict and social disorder; and major public health threats. All of CARE’s global programs focus on maximum effectiveness by using innovative and culturally conscious solutions, prioritizing gender equality, defending dignity and empowering communities.

Peter Lochery is the 2015 OU International Water Prize recipient

CARE is committed to creating lasting solutions to poverty

Since 1996, Peter Lochery has led CARE’s Water Team, expanding the original service program to include the development of partnerships with governments, organizations and communities in developing countries to create lasting solutions to poverty. Peter's passions lie in addressing social inequities faced by women and girls, as well as building collaborative relationships with the private sector to expand corporate social responsibility. 
Peter's passions lie in addressing social inequities faced by women and girls

Engineers work to strengthen a community's infrastructure

The OU International Water Prize is awarded to an individual who has made significant international contributions in the field of water supply and sanitation, with a focus on the world's poorest living in developing countries.  Peter’s humanitarian focus and dedication to affecting profound and lasting improvements in the lives of the world’s poor, has guided his work, establishing him as a true leader in the international WaSH sector and making him a deserving candidate to receive this prestigious award.
Attendees at the OU International WaTER Conference

Water Prize Globe will be awarded at the WaTER Conference Prize Banquet

Peter will accept the Water Prize at the 2015 OU International WaTER Conference Sept. 21, 2015 at the International Water Prize Ceremony Banquet.


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