Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day at the Museum

Science in Action Day at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History is a popular spring event that gives children of all ages a "hands-on" experience of science in a variety of forms, shapes and size. This year's day was held on Sunday, February 24, and had 976 visitors!

Visitors were treated to twenty-four different exhibits on Science in Action Day, 2013.

The OU WaTER Center was there with a display on water and sanitation challenges in developing countries. The exhibit featured jerry cans for "carrying practice", ceramic water filters, disinfectant powder and demonstration, a tippy-tap display, and a personal hygiene exercise.
WaTER Center demonstrations included a ceramic water filter, tippy-tap, and demonstration of the PUR sachets for water disinfection.

In addition to the WaTER Center's display, children could bring in their own natural objects, from bones to insects, for object identification and collection “show-and-tell”.  The Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative was there with information about wind energy, including a demonstration of how a wind turbine works. The Museum's Ornithology department provided fun facts about birds and their feathers, such as how feathers enable birds to catch prey, find mates and dive into water. Visitors could learn how to identify bird flight styles by the shape of their wings!  

The WaTER Center table was staffed by OU undergraduate students who have a passion for development work in areas of great need.
The OU WaTER Center exhibit was staffed by students from the service organization, Sooners Without Borders, and from an undergraduate class "Water Technologies for Emerging Regions". Some of these students will go on to work in developing countries, either as professionals or as complementary avocations to their chosen career paths.


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