Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Upcoming Events

WaTER Center personnel are gearing up this spring for upcoming summer travel to various points abroad. Research, in accordance with the WaTER Center's mission, includes greater cultural understanding, assessment of business potential, and scientific research on various in-country approaches to providing clean drinking water to rural areas.

A list of some upcoming activities follows. 

  • The WaTER Center will host a lecture by and meetings with Stanford's Dr. Jenna Davis on April 27, 2012.  Dr. Davis' research group (known as the Poop Group) focuses on the intersection of health, economic, development and environmental protection, with particular emphasis on cost-effective and sustainable water supply and sanitation (W&S) service delivery in developing countries.
  • Chris Cope, Hayley Ryckman, Jim Chamberlain, and David Sabatini will travel to Cambodia in June 2012. Research includes further development of char material for use in arsenic mitigation and life-cycle comparison of alternative surface-based drinking water sources. 
  • Laura Brunson, Anne Kroeger, Jim Chamberlain, and David Sabatini will be traveling with several OU faculty members to Ethiopia in July 2012. Research, under the direction of Dr. Paul Spicer in Anthropology, includes health-based quantification of fluoride contamination and continued studies on appropriate technologies for fluoride removal. An OU Business professor, Dr. Lowell Busenitz, will be studying the state of entrepreneurship in Ethiopia and the available infrastructure for supporting local business initiatives.
  • The 3rd University of Oklahoma International Water Prize winner will be selected and announced at the OU International Water Prize Symposium in the Fall semester of 2012. Jurors are currently being nominated and will be announced soon. 

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