Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to WaTER Drops!

Beginning with this very first issue, the OU WaTER Center will be sending out a bi-monthly newsletter of research, events, and happenings in our world of water and sanitation for emerging regions. This is our way of both saying "thank you" to our many friends and partners and a format for updating you periodically on our work and wanderings across the globe. Founded in 2006, the mission of the WaTER Center is to promote peace by advancing health, education, and economic development through sustainable water and sanitation solutions for impoverished regions, using innovative teaching, research, and service / leadership activities. Enjoy the newsletter!!

Developing countries are replete with interventions that fail due to:

  • use of inappropriate technologies, 
  • failure to consider cultural / human factors, and 
  • failure to mobilize local entrepreneurs. 

The WaTER Center seeks to develop sustainable solutions that we believe are only possible through integrating technology, business and social understanding. The vision of the WaTER Center is to pioneer integrated solutions that revolutionize development and adoption of sustainable water and sanitation technologies for developing countries through teaching, research and service innovations. We will do this through integrating technological, business and human factors in pursuit of sustainable water and sanitation solutions.

For more information about our history and mission, and the people and partners involved in our work, visit our website at

In the meantime, enjoy this newsletter. See you again in two months!

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